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DSP Related :

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing - Complete DSP text book available on-line.
- DSP Web Site
DSPedia - The excellent DSP CD-ROM
Forward Concepts Home Page
Lots of hot multimedia & code links
Signal Processing Division - University of Strathclyde
Rice DSP Group
Rice University Signal Processing Software
The Ptolemy Project
Publications of the DSP Design Group & the Ptolemy Project
Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.

DSP Manufacturers :

TI DSP Solutions
StarCore LLC
Analog Devices Inc.

Other Commercial Organizations

Keil mVision
IAR Embedded Workbench
Online user community and resource site for ARM developers
Trinity Convergence - Purveyors of Voice Over Packet solutions and damn fine chaps
SoftIntegration - C Interpreter And Data Visualizer
Agilent (formerly HP) - Get an evaluation copy of VEE from here
Mathworks - Matlab
Lindquist Systems Group - DSP & filter design services, consulting, R&D, workshops & seminars
Hitex - Suppliers of embedded development tools

Communications Standards

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI)

Mobile Communications


    DSP And Related FAQs :

Active Noise Control FAQ
Comp.Speech FAQ

Personal DSP Related Web Pages

Jörgs useful and -=* ugly *=- pages - Useful FFT functions - Useful filter functions
Phil Karn's Homepage - Useful Comms functions

DSP & Related Courses

University of Oxford, Summer Engineering Program (UK) -
Digital Signal Processing and Communication Systems courses

Loughborough University, Department of Electronic Engineering (UK) -
Modular MSc in Digital Communication Systems - Offered as a full time or part time modular course

Embedded Systems Conferences (USA and Europe) -
One day introduction to DSP.

Useful Libraries :

wxWidgets - An excellent free portable GUI library.
PortAudio - An excellent free portable Audio I/O library.

General Engineering Links : - Science search engine
Embedded Systems Programming
EDN Magazine
Dr Dobbs Journal
C/C++ Users Journal
Wireless Design
American National Standards Institute
International Standards Organization

IEEE Signal Processing Society

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